Is Russia still killing the world with Trump ?

Can anyone fill me in?  Last week the world was ending because Putin and Trump were killing the world together.  

Id hate to miss the apocalypse.  Please halp!!

To show respect to earth killer Russia (with trumps help of course), I submit to the soviet gods of days gone by, an image of Russian Curler, Ana Sidarova.  


holy shit I hope everyone isnt dead (because of trump and putin)

nope, the narrative moved on to all out nuclear with N.Korea, now its everyone who isnt on the left is a white supremacist

When asked by reporters if the White House has been infiltrated and now controlled by Russia, a WhiteHouse spokesman said, "Nyet!".

lol ^ 

LMFAO you cant make this shit up


Did Russia die or something? 

Didnt you hear?

The Russian "hacks" turned out to be bullshit.

Theyve now moved onto plan B.