Is Saffron a Scam?

I just bought my 1st g of saffron and can say without a doubt it is a huge scam

Where’d you get it from?

Sold at the local grocery store for $14/g. More expensive than weed

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Wonder if it was damaged as mentioned earlier. There is fake saffron around as well apparently

All I know about this is that wild Saffron grown in the fields of Kashmir is not only exquisite in taste, but also is very good for the immune system / overcoming stomach problems.

The shit available in most Western supermarkets is overpriced and underwhelming.

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If you can’t taste it, it’s either counterfeit or your mom bought it in the '60s.

When I combine these characters I get American Psycho.

american psycho GIF

american psycho GIF

Ahh, Big Turmeric. Makes sense.

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The real scam is truffles. Might as well grind a really expensive unscented candle into your food.


Truffle fries. Truffle risotto. Truffle carbonara. Truffles are fucking delicious.

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Only because fries, risotto and carbonara are already fucking delicious. Placebo effect.

Don’t be upset. I probably just saved you money.

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I have had tasteless truffle before and others were nutty goodness. Truffle risotto is like a Renoir when done well.
For the price like saffron, vanilla and even olive oil is scammy items now.

I was just sitting here trying to make a list of the Michelin star restaurants I’ve been to. Overall I’m totally blown away by turning food into an evening at these places. Every. Single. Dish. … amazing. But I’ve never had them serve truffle-anything where I was like “yeah, that was definitely better with truffles” or “this really showcases the truffle”. Never happened even once. I think my number is 15… can’t remember the French ones very well though… 2012. Edit: I’m still hoping that someone proves me wrong. Edit #2: I also can’t see those cross-eyed 3D noise pictures either… come at me bro.



I agree about saffron being a scam though. I don’t think it’s a scam so much as it is a larger than life phenomenon. Like BTS and Billie Eilish. You only think they’re the best because you heard 10 other people say it, and some of them were weeping when they said it.

They call it mellow yellow


You’ve got to admit… you gave me a list of carbs. Awfully suspect, no?

People generally don’t say saffron is “the best”, just the most expensive standard spice. Most everyone’s aware that’s 100% about the relative labor involved, not an artificial demand-driven valuation issue.