Is Sakara's IBF junior world title

Is Sakara's IBF junior world title meaningful?

Ron Faircloth vs Alessio Sakara

Ron Faircloth, (25-10) 5'9"/205 lbs. fighting out of Stoughton, WI, is a seasoned fighter who trains under UFC veteran Dave Strasser. He excels at the ground game and often submits his opponents on the mat. Alessio Sakara, (13-3-10 KOs) 6'0"/205 lbs. fighting out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an Italian boxer with a recent IBF junior world championship title. Training extensively in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he is now a well-rounded, respected MMA fighter. Both fighters are new to the UFC and are looking to make a sensational debut Oct. 7.

(taken from the ufc website)

I dont know much about all the boxing titles so can someone clear this up for me? How significant it is in the boxing world? Can we expect world class hands? Also does any other mma fighters have a boxing association title?

I thought sakara was a grappler/BJJ fighter so i was quite suprised to read this.

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