Is Shammy the worst corner ever?

If you listen to what he is saying during the fight he is just being very vague with his instructions.  He is like take him down, take him down.  And Tito is over there giving great instructions.  So is Shammy the worst corner ever?

He was telling Tait to use the outside leg to trip Josh down but Tait wasnt doing it. Really, Tait had some of the worst takedowns I have seen. Do they train this stuff at 10th planet?

Pass the Haterade

u forgot, "Right there!... Right there!"

Worst corner EVA!! no description whatso ever!

I think Tait was doing well with his jab.  It was popping his head back and them Sahmmy was all like take him down and go low.  I think he could have used his jab better to set up a takedown attempt.

To answer your question YES !!!!!!!

"i liked when ken said "WORK YOUR SUBMISSIONS!!""

Yeah I noticed that too, whenever Tait was on the bottom he just kept repeating this... no shit Shammy.

Fathead is correct

ive heard far worse advice than that.

I did not see the coaching but why is it that a coach is supposed to give detailed instructions to the fighter? Let him do it himself, if he is struggling give him simple advice and encouragement.

Ironically, if Tait had followed any of Ken's instructions, he would have won the fight - that has got to gall Tait whenever he watches this...

I need to amend the title.  Second worst.  I just saw OMA (tm) is cornering at the next UFC ppv

Remeber, he's mainly a brawler and a leglock man :) So, what do you expect? Tait was in danger on the feet, so he told him not to stand and trade. When it got to the ground, he just said work subs cause all he knows is leglocks.

good point