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Did he really say BArbie and KEn doll sexing session

 A lot of hating on Shields?


lol Sagiv is crushing this thread.




Following Sagiv's lead:

humping gif Pictures, Images and Photos

humping gif Pictures, Images and Photos

He just wants to fight

AmericanPsychoMMA -  A lot of hating on Shields?

no it wasnt hate (at least on my part) , i was just merely questioning the tactics shields was using as it just made the fight continue on n on where i thought perhaps he could have ended the fight earlier without working so hard and forcing it into a seemingly "stalling " of a fight.

r0llinz - 
supersaiyan - 
r0llinz -  Hmm, for being here since 02 you seem pretty fucking ignorant about mma. Go watch some wwe or strongman competition for that retard element of entertainment.

 26k posts and you dont even know how to string a sentence or paragraph together? You must be a wwe fan. Stick to it kid, and get some english lessons for fuck sake.

funny u cant even stick to topic of thread and go off point to another direction of something UNRELATED to what i was talking about. apparently my response got your attention as u did respond to the thread and post. what does wwe and strongman competitions have to do with what i was talking about as far as shields and miller? nothing.

but just as i thought u have no insight and just ramblin on in a defensive stance about really nothing. how pathetic u equate SN join date =knowledge of a subject

i think U need english bro...i guess u didnt know (as an enlish major u are) lol .

u dont start a sentence using "numbers" as u spell it out but i cant be suprised since apparently u cant spell "twenty six thousand". the next thing is u dont use a damn comma followed by "and" unless its more than two things to list. lastly the word "english" is a proper noun and is to be capitalized.

anything else Mr. SCHOLAR and ALL KNOWING pricktit?

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