Is Silva delusional now too?

yeah comparing vanderlei then and now is like comparing tito when he first fought mezger and tito now.... i know tito just lost but he is a better fighter 100x over as is vanderlei.... silva, belfort, couture,jackson and lidell could have rematches all they want and you could get a different winner every time. they are all very skilled and dangerous in their own way allowing none of them to be dominant. yes randy just beat tito and chuck, however i dont think he will beat jackson or silva that easily and so on

At first I found that comment pretty pathetic, but now I kinda understand it. Nobody really got tested in either of the fights being mentioned.

"Some people are saying that he did not win. This is not fair, I think he won. If it was fate or not, it doesn't matter. He scored with a punch and won, and he has the belt. I see his fight against Couture being just like my fight against him...there was no fight. Someone made a mistake, and the other one capitalized on it."

Nacirema, thank you very much for posting more of the quote than the creator of this thread did. lol

I too thought it was a delusional statement but after thinking about it, I agree with Silva...

With Belfort's handspeed, I could cut you with a banana.

Same here PAX. LOL @ Trainwreck!!!

Exactly joton.

There was nothing comparable about those two fight what-so-ever.

Regardless, 30 unanswered punches to the head doesn't compare to one "graze" to the eye lid.

I agree with Zetti, Silva really didn't look hurt at all when the stoppage occured. I'm sure he takes much bigger beatings in training. And at that point most of his ring experience was in muy thai and IVC, correct (where you are/were allowed to take much more punishment before a stoppage)? I think he might've been able to weather the storm, but who knows.

I stand by my statement about BJM. Is anyone going to argue that he (especially at that time) had a tendency to stop fights too soon (Sakuraba v. Conan)?

So while I don't dispute Vitor's win I'm also not going to agree that there would "be no Silva" if BJM hadn't stopped that fight so quickly. LOL @ anything unbiased coming from "Vitor29". Ease off the jock bro. -NC

As a whole the UFC is soft compared to other events outside the states where they dont have to deal with bullshit politics.

Silva did what is a big no-no in boxing. Walk straight in without even throwing a jab, then walking straight back. Of course in a rematch he wouldn't make that mistake again. But he's pretty much a day late and a dollar short on that matter. Maybe a rematch could happen if Belfort makes himself look japanese and went into Pride under an alias

randy will pound belfort in june end of story

Silva is the man but he does not think realistic he thinks anyone that does not stand and trade with him is a coward-lol i would like to see him just wrestle randy


"Vanderlei needs to worry about Couture."

I dont think Silva should worry about Couture at all. Couture is extremely vulnerable in a ring.

You know Vanderlei still wakes up screaming in the middle of the night because of Vitor.

i seriously doubt Silva would make the same mistake.

He is leagues above Belfort. Vitor got lucky against Randy. His luck will run out against Silva.

"Vitor got lucky against Randy."

Noooooo! Belfort prayed to Jesus more then Couture, so Jesus reached down from the heavens and guided Belforts glove pass Coutures eye. And Jesus didn't let it do permanent damage to his eye. Jesus is a merciful god indeed. I guess you didn't notice Belfort thanking him for the win.

No. Jesus loved Belfort more then Silva. How many times does Silva thank the son of mary??? Not as many as Belfort.

Wait one second. This thread had nothing to do with the fighter's credentials. All I was doing was making fun of Silva's comment.

Big deal! Who cares who KO's who in a rematch? All I'm saying is Silva got BEATDOWN then, nothing more. Of course it could be different now. Just except it. It DID happen. It was NOTHING like UFC 46.

That is all. LOL.