Is SledgeUK=LA Giant?

Are they one and the same? I have informed opinions that they may at lesast share some sort of link


Fuck off. You are getting trolling lessons from DickyCA


Unless you can give specific dates/times etc please be quiet!

I am shocked that a fully paid up member of the KKK is allowed to post here on

Just horrified

Seriously ? That would be disgracefull !!!

Some of us have high ethical values.

It is up to the person that had to put your vile racist mouth to bed so no one put you to sleep MMA style, to give details of when and where.

Well the only time I have been in a hotel with the guys from "Up North" as you put it was after CW4 in Portsmouth!
I was not put to bed as you put it. I went to bed under my own steam thankyou.(My wife was in the room 8 mths pregnant at the time) I went to bed as I had a disagreement with a rather pleasant chap who had just got out of prision for attempted murder. He was a nutter and I did not fancy being his next attempt. When on this evening was I racist?

You have made a very bold sweeping acusation and it is now time for you to back it up with facts. If non are forthcoming then I am right you are trolling twats.


Tell me who "put me to bed"?

Did they notice my wife there?

Could they tell me what room/suite I was in?

You are all full of shit!

That is such bullshit and now you have just made this personal. Attack me all you like but now bringing my missus into it was a bad move on your behalf.

You brought up the fact that you are african not me so don´t try to put that one on me. I actually think it is you who is the racist.

You hate anyone who is not african! Just because I am white it makes me a target for people like you who go out and positivly look for racism. I told you if you suspect everybody of racism eventually you will find it but keep searching as there is none here.

RickyCA is a racist. He hates people who are not of his race!

I am a Rickyist. I hate twats.

"Just because I am white it makes me a target for people like you"

Classic racist's comeback

no it is not.

Sledge - why do you assume Ricky hates whites

I never mentioned the colour of anyones skin! I do not even know if ricky is black or white. I do know he is a total idiot. I said he hates non Africans. This can include people of every skin tone.

RickyCA is in South Africa at the moment a hot bed of racism. I am not surprised he trys to find racism in everything he does. He is exposed to it all the time and I sympathise with that but he and you are wrong. I AM NOT RACIST!

"RickyCA is a racist. He hates people who are not of his race"

Then what does this comment imply.

The only person Ricky has shown negativaty towards is you for your vile racism.

You are implying you yourself are not of his race.

You are white.

You can logically assume that you think he is black.

Evil racist


Not all African are black Sledge. Open your mind

I have a feeling pre-1994 South Africa would be Sledge's sort of place

It makes me sick.

Having had to deal with racists like sledge myself I can only hope by exposing people like him the world will be a better place

Bring me up to speed fellas. What did sledge say?

He was drunk at an aftershow party and being very vocal in his extreme right wing views. Many people were made to feel uncomfortable and took exception to it. A group of pro-fighters made him take an early night before it got ugly