Is something going on with cuban cigars?

IMO Cubans in general have gone down hill the past decade. I wouldn’t sneeze at a Beehike. But for the price? Eh.

I agree. The gap in quality and flavors between Cubans and NC’s has definitely shrunk. Even the NC’s that are cubanesque or an homage to a favorite Cuban are fantastic now. Tat Black Label for reference. And the story behind that Black Label is so cool to me as well. I’d love to travel through Cuba trying everyone’s personal blends made with some of the best tobacco on earth.

But there are still some Cubans that to my amateur palate have flavors or a floral note I haven’t found anywhere else. Like you said though the price right now is pretty crazy and compared to so many high quality NC’s for much lower prices it makes me think twice on where to spend my money.


Located a cab of the PL PCs.

So my reload on the way is:

1 box Monte 4s

1 box Cohibo Sig 1s

1 50 cab PL PCs

1 3pack Cohiba Robustos

1 3 pack of another Cohiba media silo

Hopefully they are here soon.

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Nice! I found some Bolivar and HDM over the weekend and placed an order. 3 weeks they said. Probably gonna order a few more this weekend too since I found some older #4’s I want. Haven’t seen any RASS anywhere though. Makes me sad.

Availability has been weak across the board.

My current open boxes are all 10+ yrs old, it is sad watching them diminish.

You have great self control to still have some left after 10 years.

I don’t smoke a lot of cigars.

I have 5 Sig 1’s and 30 PL PCs with '10 or '11 box codes, and some Monte no 2 especiales with an 08 box code. 3 mag 48s from '08, some mag 50s from 08, and some Partagas Lusitanias from 05. A couple of Monte 4s left from '05 as well.

They are all exquisite at this point, so I have some more recent Monte Petit 2s and newer 4s that are my go to bi weekly smoke,

How does one come to like cigars ? Every time I light one up it tastes like shit …I can’t tell the difference between a shitty cigar or a Cuban cigar , they all suck …

.I would like to enjoy smoking cigars , but how do you guys do it ? Do you just keep smoking even if you hate it until one day you just start liking it ? What cigars do you recommend for someone who wants to enjoy smoking cigars ?

@dios here is my .02 -

  1. Cigars are all very different, I prefer mild complex cigars, and smaller ring gauges. 38 - 42 is a sweet spot for me. Lots of people come out of the gate looking for big bold cigars, which is trendy in America.

  2. Don’t smoke fast or pull hard, it overheats the cigar and makes it bitter and taste like shit. Take your time and enjoy, and choose a cigar size based on how long you want the experience to be.

  3. Cigars are like port. Cubans would be vintage port, and non cubans non vintage. Cuban makers don’t have the luxury, storage, or technology to age unrolled tobacco for years and make blends that DR and other. non cuban makers can. Cuban cigars are rolled with all tobacco from the same year that isn’t aged and cured as much as others, it ages as a cigar. You get great variances between years depending on weather and terroir and other aspects, jus like vintage port or champagne, with non cuban you get a consistent experience regardless of the year. Cubans need to be rested and aged, non cubans are ready to smoke now.

I prefer cubans because I like the vintage aspect, this doesn’t make them better, just different.

For non cuban openers you should try some excellent choices like Oliva Serie 0 or Padron 1926. Davidoff makes a light to medium bodied cigar that in my opinion is absolutely brilliant.

Don’t buy boxes, buy singles or 5 packs and discover what you like.


Got a delivery!

PL PCs came in. They smell young a fresh like cut grass. Need a few years.

Cohiba Medio Siglo Tubos - wow, the aroma.

Cohiba Robustos - fantastic.

Still waiting on Cohiba Siglo 1s and Monte 4s. Hopefully any day.

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Ordered more. I am guessing the shortage in supply will only get worse.

I hope for a free Cuba, but I also fear the cigars will homogenize with the rest as big tobacco companies move in after the government goes.

Just ordered 1 box of each:

Mag 46s

Montecristo especial no 2


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I also got some Partagas culebras. A novelty I have never had. I wanted to add some episodes no 2s but I am running out of humidor.

Was down in Miami and Key West and smoked some good ones.

I had a relatively young Cohiba Medio Siglo. Excellent smoke. It is just a shorter Sig VI. 45 minutes at most.

Burned down a few others that have been aged well over 10 yrs with some good cuban coffees. Not bad mornings.

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Damn that’s nice. Those PL’s are my personal fav too

They are a great value. A cab for <$350.

The only thing is when they are young they are really tight and grassy. They need at least five years imo. I have 30 that are 11 years old, they are a dream. I have a recent cab that will be ready in two more years or so, I don’t remember the box code.