Is South Africa beyond repair?

It’s not beyond repair, the only problem is the world will be outraged at my solution… or shall I rather say ‘permanent solution’


If the left had any credibility they’d denounce the EEF but they don’t so they can go fuck themselves. You have a virulently anti white racist political party in an overwhelmingly black majority country directed at a small white minority. The western left gives no fucks because they hate white ppl


Australians were considering visas for white farmers in South Africa who are currently on Genocide Watch’s radar.

As expected, the left went into full assault mode and completely squashed it with the medias support

Consider this chaps. Even when whites are looking at full blown genocide, leftists in your country will call you a racist for trying to help them


That’s shitty. They should be treated the same as all refugees

Almost all whites will leave.
China will take the resources
The bushmen will go back to the bush, and fight for their tribes

No more electricity
No more running water

Hyper inflation

Mass deaths from starvation. And it’s what they deserve

This is CRT at work


You don’t hide your racism or play semantic games, I’ll give you that.

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Facts are racist. Provide one example where this has not happened in Africa post liberation.

Ill wait shitlib


Nope. Humanitarian crisis that will require lots of refugees to be relocated to western countries.


Not racist, a clear eyed and historically backed prediction.


Unfortunately correct


Wtf in my post is racist?
Anyone who knows anything about the situation will yell you Im 100% correct


The piece of shit is dying in the video. No remorse for evildoers dying.


I believe in human excellence so yeah I do believe SA is not beyond fixing.

Now I said human excellence…not black excellence. That means leaders need to step up and not only use the best skills-people who are not just black but also any other group of people and make the right choices.

Well not 100%

You keep going on about ‘bushmen’ when it’s predominantly Zulu and Xhosa looting



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It’s not semantics - if you don’t understand the complexity of the different racial/tribal politics in South Africa -and the direct role it plays in the current situation, you can’t claim to be speaking ‘facts’ or knowledgable about the situation

Khoisan (bushmen) are a complete different ethnicity to Zulu.

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No, He was burning the trucks not the family so not a good enough reason to gloat on killing him.

Most of south Africa’s problems stem from apartheid when a small minority commited atrocities against the majority of the nation for nearly 50 years, this only ended in the 90’s which is not that long ago.

This is what will definitely happen. They’ll all just come to Europe and fuck that up too.

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