Is South Africa beyond repair?

Communism or Apartheid in 1950.

Pick one.

Would like to hear your answer


Anyone have any good resources for reading about SA and apartheid to now? I’m gonna go wiki which I’m sure will be mostly accurate but I’m sure there’s better info out there.

I know nothing about SA and it’s kind of interesting.

I hear you, and thanks for the debate. Apartheid was not perfect, by no means, however it worked. Could certain things have been different, yes. As an example, the Indians and colourds should have been grouped with the Europeans. Your wife’s family are now too white there, and back in the day they were to black. Caught in the middle.

Segregation is a natural thing, but it could have been managed better. As far as economic stability and crime, the old system was really good.

If anybody has ever read Xaviera Hollander, she devoted quite a bit of one book to living in South Africa.

I have a bad feeling you are right. Looks like Gates and Soros eugenics program will work better than they had ever dreamed

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I assume you mean 1948?

It’s absurdly reductionist to suggest that the only alternative to apartheid would have been soviet rule of South Africa when it was contested between the United Party and the National Party

The suggestion that the United Party winning in 1948 would have led to your soviet scenario is ridiculous. The United Party (who actually contended the 1948 election) would have been an infinitely better scenario

The National Party was literal white supremacy - please apply your logic to defend the Group Areas Act that forcibly removed and appropriated property from educated non-whites or the Immorality Amendment Act that criminalised relationships between whites and non-whites.

Defending Apartheid just lays your cards out on the table. Saying the ANC is corrupt and inept is very different to saying legislated white supremacy is the alternative


It seems like the continent of Africa has a bunch of shitty options for governance, Islamic theocracies, authoritarian dictatorships or apartheid. Out of those 3 styles apartheid has the most success. No one is saying apartheid is a better system than what Norway has but it doesn’t appear African countries can pull that off. There’s simply too much diversity in Africa and too much tribalism thinking. There are literally thousands of different ethnic groups in Africa. Filthy rich countries like America are fraying at the seams as soon as toxic thinking like critical race theory gets introduced. Poorly educated poor countries like African countries have no chance

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now they have black supremacy

hows that going


The soros tribalism tactic has worked out perfectly. The population is fighting against itself and will be easy to control.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chinese roll in and start doing to Africa what they are doing to the Ungyers

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Terrible. What’s the point you are making?

My point is it is terrible. I try to not see people that have different opinions than I do as evil or stupid. As long as a person wants the same basic things like freedom, respect for property and the rule of law I don’t have a problem with them.

I still fall into the name calling trap but that is mainly on here.

The Whites have this town called Orania. It’s interesting. It’s a nice, functional, safe place in SA.

It’s easy to call it “racist” but really they are just Afrikaners who don’t want to live in chaos and crime. I mean people like that need SOMEWHERE to go. If you’re White Person living in SA, you have to realize your days there are numbered.

They need their own small country.



It’s a town of 1,000 or so people. There are 4.5 million White people in South Africa.

I know. They need to expand or find another place to call their own.



I’m surprised that African guy took all those insults from that small Chinese guy. Seems like he could beat him into a living death before he could be stopped, but he sits there and takes the abuse


This will happen eventually. The west is destroying itself and in a few more decades its irrelevance will allow China to colonize the resource rich areas of Africa. It is already starting with China’s Belt and Road initiative . Unlike Apartheid, they will exterminate the the natives and not give a fuck.

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I have a feeling that when it’s all said and done China will exceed the Holocaust but not kill as much as Stalin


Those 2 work together and are friends. Its from a documentary film about the Chinese building roads in Africa (to eventually take their resources). Its a great watch.


They do, but they won’t get it without a war. And unless the politics of the west changes radically then any war white separatists fight in SA will have the USA, EU, etc, coming down on them like a ton of bricks to prove how anti-racist they are.

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