Is South Africa beyond repair?

Racial dynamics are different in other countries as well. Especially with no PC culture.

It’s always amazing to talk with foreigners and take in how ‘racist’ they all are. Cultural mores are just totally different.

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They have it the worst by far and it shows how nonsensical it all is. Names matter more than your skin tone. My wife’s family was upper class but farmers and an entire generation left for north america in the last two decades. They had farmed there for many generations and didn’t want to leave

All the wealthy people who live in the gated communities are feeling it the most. The exodus of white doctors is incredible really. It’s like a diaspora of educated people escaping affirmative action

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Egypt 4 thou years ago?

Mao already ensured the surpassing of Stalin. Everything else is a bonus for them.

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I guess if you count all those drown girls then yeah, but wouldn’t we have millions of deaths too?

The demographics of SA in 1948 meant that if Africans were given the right to vote the ANC would have won any election. They were communists backed by the Soviets

See people like you want all the comforts or criticising people in the past based on your moral views today, but when placed in the same situation they are would have likely made the same decisions to avoid annihilation (which is coming 70 years later anyway)

Question: you mention you are married to a South African. Is it a white South African? Yes it matters, it will explain a lot.

I was born there. My parents moved to the US when I was younger.


Oh they are going to clean out Africa, I have no doubt.


Would be funny as fuck if China took over and built up a bunch of infrastructure and towns and shit and then the locals looted and burned it all down

Bet they wouldn’t. Chinese would roll out tanks


China gives no fucks about what people think.

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For those so inclined, there are many books out there about South African History. A lot of them are factually inaccurate and driven by opinion. I would recommend Amabhulu.

It comes with references in literature and geneolagy. As a South African born Afrikaner, I enjoyed this read and can relate to many of the experiences.

I was born in Cape Town. Grew up in Jo’burg and served 4.5 years in the South African Police service. I was a teen during apartheid and have my own view. I’ve seen the best and the worst people can offer from utter savagery to generous beyond belief. I’m one of the few Lucky ones that were able to leave.

The answer to the OP question. Is Africa beyond repair? The short answer is yes.

I think the better question would be: How do you fix South Africa?

Well…biggest issue is education. Because SA has 11 official languages. And a University Degree can only be obtained in 2 of those. But everyone has a human right to maintain their culture and language. So, you have a huge proportion of the population without education. Then there is also the African mentality. Kill, plunder, rape. You need to change the mentality of the people, followed by the education system. Easier said than done. It will not happen in my lifetime. That’s for sure. I feel for my family still stuck there. My heart bleeds for them and if I could help them all to get out, I would.


If they learned two languages would this help? I always thought Africans were multilingual.

Somehow I think there is more to this. There are poor Asian countries where there is rule of law, respect for property, and pride in honest work for pay.

What I mean by that, is if youre born a Zulu. Grew up and went to school in Zulu (with English as a second language), there is no option to go to university and study in Zulu. As there are 0 Zulu universities.

Your second language is too weak to transition into an English university curriculum. Therefore your education ends at grade 12. So your dream of becoming an accountant or lawyer is toast. Even trades are hard to come by as there is also study required. Basically you’re fucked. Knowing this, why even both finishing high school?

You can’t build a country, improve a culture and become a successful nation without education.

Also: Don’t forget to throw the African mentality into the mix. Kill, Plunder, Rape. Oh and I forgot…embezzle all donations.


Yes. Ive spent a good amount of time in SA
Durban specifically

There has already been blackouts and water shut off for the last several years. Obviously you are virtue signaling and not admitting reality

More and more skilled positions will be filled by unqualified blacks, and blackouts will be more common. Water/food shortages as well.

This is reality. Its already happened next door. Dummy

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LOL. Can you imagine how the Chinese would treat the blacks? Apartheid will look like Disneyland compared to what will come


I’ve already said on here she’s Coloured.

I’m still waiting for the defence though of all of the white supremacist legislation under apartheid?

Forget the hypotheticals and conspiracy of the Soviets taking over in 1948. Put the hysteria aside as I understand why a first gen immigrant of white SA parents would feel the way you do - but the propaganda about the threat of soviet influence in SA didn’t really happen until the 60s - long after the National Party came to power.

The 1948 election wasn’t contested on ‘rooi gevaar’ - that came much later during the height of the Cold War. The fact is Stalin was not interested in Africa and was completely dismissive of SA in the 40s.

None of that defends legislation that Apartheid introduced.

Yes, they’re fucked and white folks should GTFO of there ASAP. I wished I was an international arms dealer. There’s going to be a large amount of money made from Death in Africa.

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China learned from the west , they will back one tribe to wipe out the rest then go in if they have to and bat clean up


Thanks for clarifying, and given her ethnicity I am not surprised that you hold the views you do. They are emotional views though and not rational ones.

Regardless of however you would prefer to interpret the past based on your current world view, this it does not change the fact that the ANC was a communist party. Democratic elections would have resulted in the country becoming a communist country given the countries demographics. No amount of mental gymnastics can change this fact and it cannot be disputed. This is fact you can write in stone. Like the sun rising in the east there is no getting away from this reality.

I am not sure why you are trying to convince everyone that there was a realistic alternative to restricting the rights of Africans to vote as a result of that. It is what it is despite how uncomfortable that makes you feel, and despite your desires to virtue signal over this nonsense you cannot change any of those basic facts which drove the political decisions of the day.

Its not easy to accept that a nasty policy was required to stave off the countries collapse, but its incredibly misguided to think that liberal democracy was ever going to work in South Africa. It has not worked anywhere else in Africa, and it was never going to work in SA either because when the majority of the population is sitting with average IQ’s below 75 then they are not capable of self governance and self determination.

You can grant them that right though, which was done. And the end result is complete collapse, a decline in every social and economic metric for everyone and a gradual descent into tribalism and anarchy.

Nice theory though! And certainly nice to believe in this stuff I am sure it will work out one day! Until then, we just need to accept all the death and destruction as part and parcel of an ideology we force onto others in an effort to feel good. That is the main priority here.


Ok so avoiding the question about all of the white supremacy ideology and legislation introduced under apartheid I see? And not addressing any of the points with facts

As far as ‘emotional responses’ I think you need to take a look at yourself. I’m not emotional at all about it. I’ve actually stated facts - basic ones about the country you don’t appear to know. I’m as critical as anyone of the current regime - as are all my wife’s family and all of my (white) South African friends. However the difference is none of them feel the need to use that to justify that the only alternative was a white supremacist government.

It’s like people like you are unable to deal with the complexities of politics. “System A is bad so system B must be good”. You can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that both system a and system b are bad.

We have tonnes of S African friends over here - almost all white - and all of them are mature enough to say “Look, for us, growing up in apartheid was great, but we were in a bubble and feel guilty when you realise that it massively disadvantaged others unfairly”

But you seem stuck on this red peril point as a means to justify legislation that was - by actual design - racist and unwilling to acknowledge that it was not a good system. It’s not a good look when you won’t even address the point.

Acknowledging that forcibly removing ie stealing, educated and professional families from their homes in cities is bad is an easy thing to do. If it’s bad when the current government threaten it - why wasn’t it bad when the National Party did it?

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