Is Star trek into the darkness worth watching?

I Don't know much about the star trek world, is it still worth me watching? Am a big JJ Abrams then Phone Post 3.0

Yes, it's a good flick.. Khan is awesome and good amount of action!! Plus, Alice Eve is fucking hot so is Zoe Saldana!! Phone Post 3.0

Meh, it is okay

I didn't like it.

Raxbot - I didn't like it.

...but it's worth watching if you're in to that kind of movie.

What Body Shots said, plus humor, minus Khan being awesome.

I enjoyed this movie, but as with the first Abrams Trek, I wonder how much of my enjoyment comes from my previous relationship with the Star Trek mythos. Phone Post 3.0

never saw the one from a few years ago but I liked it. Phone Post 3.0