Is Swick being groomed?

Leben said in an interview that he thought Swick was being groomed for a title shot. I thought "the crow" was a good test.

I agree, I think the last guy the UFC would've thrown to Swick if they were pampering him would be the Crow. Too easy to lose to a nasty cut-opening elbow.

Do I sense a bit of jealousy from Leben?


I say jealousy.

I say he should've taken Silva down.

I thought so when he had hair against Vigneault, but probably not

^^^^huh?!?!?.....oooohh, I get it, I get it...

doesn't laugh at corny joke

SWICK is a B A D man!


leben was being groomed too...

he asked to fight silva damn it...

he gets laid out and is now jelous that swick is being groomed?

boggles the mind.

i don't see him surviving the canadian (thacker's saviour)

If Leben beats Mcdonald, swick/leben a possibility, imo.

Shut the swick up!

Leben K.O's Swick again..if they fight again.

Leben is quite possibly the least skilled modern UFC fighter. Good chin. Bad technique everywhere weve seen him. He just entices people to slug a lil too much with the retarded windmill on a rampage punches.