Is tait really that cool?

It's hard to beleive just one person.

anyone else met or have some tait stories?


i have met him, trained with him, and kicked it with him. tait one of the
nicest dudes i have ever met through all my years of training. plus he is
hella funny :).

lol, omapalta on a drunk! thats funny

does he spit in the face of those who do not want to be cool?

he is cooler than a polar bears toenails


He is cooler than a cucumber inserted into the ass of a polar bear.

I tried to shake his hand once when I met him and he just looked at me like he wanted to kick my ass and said, "What's up dork?" I told him I was a fan and he preceeded to tell me I should take the sticker and price tag off my hat. I tried to tell him it was the style and he said, "Yeah, maybe for fags!" Next thing I know he takes my brand new Lakers hat and tears off the sticker! He thinks it's so funny. I played it off started laughing like I was cool with it because I was afraid of him. I personally don't think he's that cool. I had to go and buy a new hat.

cool with me

cool with me ,plus he wore the run lee run shirt

Could be, doesn't seem very cool towards some fans on the Internet though. Too bad judging character on the Internet is not really possible.

For the record, my story was fictional. From my few experiences meeting him, Tait's a super cool dude. He goes out of his way to be friendly. I'm looking forward to training with him.

I met tait at the bar one night in Vegas, I wanted to sit by him and buy him a drink, he said "yes". That was before I had any idea who he was. Ah, what a night.

I said some stupid shit about him....he talked to me and we cleared shit up. He seems really level headed and courteous. If he is a 10th planet guy with Eddie, he has to be cool!

TTT for 10Th planet and Tait!

ttt for Tait!!