Is Team 3D going back to WWE?

With Devon being written off TNA and Bubba starting to feud with Anderson, is this a sign that the Dudleys are done in TNA or just Aces & 8's are falling apart.

They'd get buries buy the SHHHield within minutes of their entrance music ending. Then Dudley fans would have to catch Main Event in the hopes of seeing them get 8 minutes with the Usos. Phone Post

doesn't bubba have some heat with the WWE?

I remember when their contracts were coming up a big back I heard people say Devon would be welcomed back with open arms but Bubba was iffy if he would be welcomed back so openly.

The rumors are that bubba has a major attitude problem and burned a lot of bridges in the WWE. Would be funny of HHH brought him back and jobbed him hard before dumping him.

So it looks like Devon getting cut wasnt just a gimmick. I guess his contract ran out and he didnt renew.

Former TNA star Devon recently spoke with Florida Today about what's next for him after leaving the company and becoming a free agent. He joked, "I’m going to Disney World!"

"Actually, I am going to spend more time with the family. I am not done with wrestling. I still have the Team 3D Academy in Kissimmee training wrestlers. There is still a lot for me to do, but I am going to relax a while and enjoy some time off. I will be able totrain more and get in the best shape of my life, and then focus on what is next. Only God knows what he has planned for me and where I am heading; I am just his co-pilot."

When asked about if he has any regrets about the gimmicks he's had throughout his career, he said:

"No," he said. "Some might think I regret the Reverend D-Von character in the WWE, but I actually liked it. I think that was just a case where Paul Heyman and I just saw the character very differently. He is a genius and he would write these scripts for me that I didn’t feel were right for the character. If you don’t feel “it,” it is not going to work. It worked for awhile, but we were on two different pages. Paul created the Dudley Boyz and gave us our start, and I love that guy dearly, we just didn’t agree on the Reverend D-Von character. We bounced back after that character and went on to win championships, so it is all good."

They talked shit about Stephanie when they left. Would love to see them come back and back up RVD or something but Phone Post