is that really the rev....

on 'a man's chest vs a womans's chest'

he looks likes like tom waits on steroids (and i mean that as a compliment)

Yup, that's him. He's a big dude.

Tom Waits on steroids

yes, I am blushing


and it is me when I was in shape, add some fat around the sides and some bleached hair and you will have me now. 6' 2" 220

the rev

hey rev,

are you ever going to fight again?? I just bought the KOTC Box Set and saw a few of your fights....just curious....


NO, i knew I didn't have too many years, so I tried to get the best fights I could. David Dodd, Dean Lister and Dan Severn. But it just hurts too bad to train much less train for a fight. I will leave it to the youngsters now. I had some good times, but the body just isn't cooperating anymore.

the rev