Is the 40GB PS3 a good deal?

 Gamestop has it for $400.

Is 40 GB enough memory to save multiple games with?  I'm not a gaming fanatic, and only play 2-3 games at a time at most.  Should I get this or the 60GB?

Some of the newer games require a 5gb install, but the game save files don't take much room.

If you already have a PS2 then the 40gig should be fine, but if you want to play PS2 games on it then you'll have to get the 60gig or 80gig.

You probably won't be able to find a 60gig new anymore, but it has the PS2 processor in it which is better for playing PS2 games than the 80gig's software emulation.

And yes, it's a good deal. Cheapest BluRay player ever made!

I have a 60 Gig and have never used more than 25 Gigs of space.

Well IMO the 40gb will do fine, if you run out of room you can always buy a standard laptop hard drive and pop in ... remember to back whatever you have though.

i bought the 40gb one and it works fine. in hindsight i should have just spent the extra 100 for the 80 gig.

Why is that, Gord?

Just too many games and not enough space, I assume?

He probably means he should have gotten the 80gig because it plays PS2 games and the 40gig doesn't.

But if you want to spend $100 to play PS2 games, you can get a used PS2 for that much at GameStop.

Yea, I guess if you're worried about backwards compatibility, that might be important.

However, as you've stated, you can always just get a PS2 for less than $100 if you really wanted to.  Me, I still have a perfectly operational PS2, so it's not really an issue, anyways.

the memory is fine. 40gb is plenty. the dumb thing about the 40gig model is it only has 2 usb ports. which doesnt matter with the controllers cause they are bluetooth, but for rock band i had to buy a USB hub to connect all the instruments.

but whatevs. was a good deal.