Is the AFL even for real? Or just another Yama?

I Have not heard of anything about them as of late. They were talking about using some of our fighters, and even had a meeting with us at our gym in Arizona.

Any news?

Or is it a pump and dump like Yama pit?

 There were some AFL fighters posting here looking for fights, something apparently fell through.  They tried to build with intangibles and unknowns instead of quality shows, and pushed womens MMA, so sort of expected


they talked a very big game.

So Bobby Lashley and Tara Larosa are screwed?


I know I talked to them a couple of weeks ago about a number of things and then communication just stopped completely. Not sure what this means. Who knows, there have been so many promotions come and go. I hope it is legit and moving forward because it is a tough economy and fighters need to get paid.

Anyone remember The World Fighter that was going to have Shamrock vs. Renzo and a tournament with a million dollar purse?

He should have offered you a job CRE..

 Wow they didn't last long

LOL at MMA, is there a business filled with more false starts and failed experiments?

All these annoying orgs come out talking all kinds of big smakc and whoring for attention, then fold up after 1-2 shows and disappear

Their business model sounds even dumber than the IFL or YAMMA, not a big surprise

I'm all for fighters getting paid/security, but it's pretty obvious the public/market won't support all these orgs and the salaries they're overpaying people

It's really not worth talking about all these orgs until they put on 2 decent shows IMHO

AFL is not gone yet. 


Todd email me and we can talk about some stuff.

 Its not as easy as it looks....

Is this the org that signed a female fighter to 1/2 million dollar contract? If so, big shocker.

rharris has promoted the correct.

rharris -  Its not as easy as it looks....

As if you would know what it is like taking a show from a grass roots effort at a local indian casino to be one of the best MMA shows ever produced. Seriously Reed next thing you are going to imply is that you have somehow been able to do what boxing failed at for years and that is promote the little guys.

Reed thanks to you and your whole team for what is a kick ass show from a fans perspective and an amazing team of people to work with from a fighter and manager and proving that the smaller shows (if done right) can be a success! I do not think many people on these boards would of though the WEC would be the number two MMA organization in the world. Keep it up!