Is the Catholic Church one big pedophile haven?

  • Yes
  • No

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I went to visit a close family friend, practically family, in Rome in 2006. She had a gorgeous apartment downtown Rome. She told me that basically the vatican was a “big gay party”. I remember she said it so matter of fact like it was common knowledge. I thought she was joking and she just looked back at me like I was weird for thinking otherwise

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If we start seeing priests mysteriously catching the Monkey Pox, i’m gonna LOL.

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The Catholic church’s abstinence thing is fucked up. The dogma invites guys who are unable to reconcile their attraction to cock to go full ham into religion.
Unfortunately, religion does not change their attraction to men. Young boys, which they can often control and manipulate, offer them an outlet for their desires while not admitting to themselves they are a Homo.