Is the Conor myth finally over?


The Aldo fight especially, is a huge feather in his cap.
And I don’t discredit “flash KOs”.
If you swing and your opponent goes down, you did your job.
Full credit due and given.

Redemption is for rematches.



The Cowboy fight was a big statement.

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He landed a massive head kick. To Cowboy. Of all people lol that was awesome

Aldo deserved a rematch but neither Conor or the UFC were ever going to give him that opportunity.


I dont mind Connor but he had 1 win in the last 5 years. What exactly is the myth?


Ufc will use him until he snaps his own neck

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Yeah basically lol. It’s not his fault other people were smaller than him and his power translated well. It’s also not other people’s fault that he sucks at lightweight and has the single worst record in the entire division haha.


Lmfao he most certainly did not deserve a rematch. He got knocked out in 13 seconds….

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We will never really know how good he could have been. If he didn’t fight Floyd and kept on track, taking out RDA and others defending the belt, then taking on Khabib as the champ instead of the challenger, had his head on straight, not having long layoffs etc. He could have been the best to ever do it, I think he had that in him.

He sold his soul for money though, not because he took money over glory but because he let the money change who he was as a person…and now it’s curtains


The myth was always the hype IMO.

I never ranked him as highly as he was hyped, even before Khabib, etc.

He was the “biggest fighter in the world”, but never the best.

He’s the highest paid and biggest draw ever – but beyond a short time at FW – never really “the best”, even P4P IMO.

So if you are the biggest name and the biggest draw – yet getting straight up finished head-to-head in some of the biggest fights – is6some of that hype a myth??

Or did people just love his personality so much they were all in, win or lose?

There has certainly been a group of people consistently ranking him among the best ever over the past several years – fanboys or not.


Cain got a rematch with JDS, and a rubber match.


Huh? Aldo defended the fw strap 9 times, was undefeated as champ and hadn’t lost in 9 years…you don’t think an all time great with a legacy like that deserves a rematch? Regardless of the finish, if a guy like that can’t get a shot…no one should


Me personally I do not like instant rematches. Not unless it was a controversial finish to the previous fight.

And I didn’t care for that either lol I always want to see the loser build his way back up

I don’t think he has the ground game to be among “the best to ever do it”.

Maybe at 145…

Again… dynamic standup with above average power for the lighter weights, and very good control of striking range.

But once he was in fights where he didn’t dictate striking exchanges and fight from an advantage – he was very beatable.

Even the most successful strikers cannot just kickbox their way through a career.

I see Conor as more of a frontrunner.

But again, at FW more consistently, it might have been different.


13 seconds ended a 10 year run

Highest earning in mma history

What myth you dork

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Throughout the history of MMA, past accomplishment has gone a long way – agree or not.

If you don’t think a guy deserves a rematch – and he wins – well then he proved he deserved it.
Same goes with title shots.

A guy like Aldo for sure did enough in his career to deserve a rematch.
Regardless… we didn’t get to see it.

I tend to think Aldo was the better all around fighter.
But he was on the back side of his career, facing a very good striker with a lot of power at that weight, who was so probably at his peak career-wise.

Not sure Aldo would have won a rematch – but would have liked to see him try.


Try reading the whole thread.

I would’ve liked to see an Aldo rematch, he was my favorite fighter and his comeback fight against Edgar afterwards was incredible, he completely dominated him.

I thought he was going to make a second run and was really sad when he didn’t.

That said I think Conor had his number. He was too long and tall and too accurate a striker at the time. The Conor who fought Dustin yesterday probably loses to the Aldo of the first fight though. At the very least it would be a much more competitive fight


Everyone is beatable, it’s flesh, bone and blood. No one is a robot…You’re saying he wouldn’t have improved?

If he didn’t fight Floyd and kept the dedication to MMA the sky was the limit. If he stayed in Dublin, brought in the best guys instead of being a jet setting Kardashian, there’s no telling how good he could have been. To do what he did, character and personality aside, was awesome…you can’t deny that. You can’t deny him getting pummeled for 1 1/2 rounds against Mendes, getting back up and finishing the job, you can’t take that away. He won a round over Khabib, something that others could not do, he did it after a what?..1 1/2 - 2 year layoff? He had the ability and talent to become one of the best ever.

Izzy is a great example, he is beatable like everyone else and his ground game isn’t close to on par with many, many others…but he’s getting better and improving it, especially defensively, instead of fucking around. We don’t know how good Conor could have become because he accomplished his #1 goal, “become rich and famous”