Is the ipod nano the best mp3 player?

So I'm back to looking for an mp3 player as a gift for someone.  Looked at the sony walkman and the sansa clip+.  Both get mixed reviews.

Then again, so does the ipod nano 7.   I have yet to find any mp3 player that gets consistently good reviews.  Looks to me like pretty much every one of them sucks ass and there are no genuinely good ones on the market.

Is the ipod nano 7 the least crappy of them all and worth spending between $50 to $100 more than the cheaper ones?

I have 3 of the older ones. Love it. Phone Post

What about the 7?  

Ive got the 7 gen nano its pretty sweet. Wish I could add little apps to it, like simple games or whatever Phone Post

odd troll angle.

you do realize the zune is the superior product Phone Post

I still have my 3rd gen nano, never needed to upgrade, things still perfect. Phone Post

so should I spend the money on it or what?

Was on phone earlier.... Couldnt type.


Nano (Im on 3rd or 4th gen) was such a good product. Sound awesome, long battery, didn't break. Perfect for excercise, particullarly long runs. Yes, many phones are better now, but phones weigh much more, and are bulky. I trained for Boston 2times with strictly nano.


Downside, cant drag and drop songs. Fucking hate itunes. I keep my nano loaded with about 40-50cd's and leave in my car. charge it only. Dont even plug into computer anymore.


Go for it. It's cheap money, great product.

Don't get the newest nano, get like 5th or 6th gen not the one with the full touch screen. Super not worth it Phone Post

I generally dislike Apple products; however, when it comes to MP3 players, nothing touches the newest iPods. Other MP3 players simply do not come close.