Is the "Machida Era" over?

it had the markings of a great catch phrase but only seemed to last one fight.

quite a small era

or can this catch phrase still be used?

just thank Joe Rogan

Ryase - No but it is forever tainted.

Even though he may have lost tonight, he was hardly destroyed.

Yes, he's got a lot to prove as a champion but he's hardly done.


Squared Circle -  16-0*


Ensanity - 
Ryase - No but it is forever tainted.

VectorWega -  I have fond memories of the Machida era.  Those were the good ol' days.

a time when all was right in the world!

 before our world was turned tipsy turvey

Ryase - No but it is forever tainted.

 some of the hype is

they coined the catch phrase too fast.

dude hadnt even proven himself yet and he was already talking about fighting Brock.

kent paul - 

No it is not over but out of the current UFC Light Heavy Weight fights only Mauricio"Shogun"Rua looks like he has the style to beat Lyoto"TheDragon"Machida,

Thats what i was thinking too.

No other LHW has the style of Shogun. Maybe Vera but Vera hasnt shown he can put it altogether yet at the higher levels.

Hes been proven to be beatable now. People facing him might have a better shot with more confidence.

lookoutawhale - 
Squared Circle -  16-0*


It's a total fraud. The man was supposed to dominate and he got out skilled in his first match as champion.

 Welcome to the Rampage Era!

rampage loses

Welcome to the Forest Griffin Era!

forest loses

Welcome to the Rashad Era!

rashad loses

Welcome to the Machida Era!

machida loses

There was no reason to think Lyoto would dominate for long either.

He was still a new unproven fighter. 2 good fights dont make you a legend.

The phrase was coined way too quickly.

man that went quick....

I always thought that Machida would fall to leg kicks eventually... his Karate stance has strengths and weaknesses and the obvious weakness is that it is just inviting leg kicks. Same as a boxing stance is inviting leg kicks, trips and doubles.