Is the NCAA screwed? Supreme Court ruling

These players should get a piece of the pie.

Edit: Let me be clear. If you think players should not be paid by schools ok. However how can you say a player cant be paid for his own likeness and signatures but schools can?


I believe the ruling said compensation had to relate to academics. How that actually plays out will be interesting.

Agreed. Some of these schools make huge money off the athletes.
Although it should be proportional to the money the program brings in. A field hockey player shouldn’t expect the same benefit as a football player.

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Hopefully this will put the focus in universities back on the actual studies and less on sports. Shit has been skewed the wrong way for years.


NCAA should stop running the minor leagues for football and basketball. There should be venues for athletes to make an income who are good enough at 18 to play professional sports which do not involve academic institutions. I do believe it is wrong for the ncaa to profit on a players likeness

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What are you talking about? Ain’t nobody paying anything to watch some nerd do a math problem. Sports and competition rules!

Precisely this.

That we as a society value ball players so highly is insane.


Spotted the guy who sucks at sports lmao.

Hey fella, let me help you out with this one. Ball players ain’t the ones who fucked this country up. The ones who did that are the so called “academics”.

Focus your anger in the right direction fella. It will take you far.

Agreed. To me what is worse about NCAA the restrictions they place on athletes in when they can practice with their team both during the season and outside of it. They are killing american soccer because of this.

I cant remember the exact amount of months but I’m pretty sure an NCAA soccer athlete is only allowed to spend 4 months in a year training. That’s only 1/3 of a year a kid during the prime of his growing years is allowed to practice soccer. Everywhere else in the world these kids can play whenever the hell they want. Who is going to get better? The kid playing year round or the kid playing for 1/3 a year

Soccer? I thought we were talking about real sports! Lmao!

Exhibit A!

It’s the beginning of the end.

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Yeah that shouldn’t make recruiting a issue. Theres already only a handful of schools that can compete because of recruiting now you can have boosters straight up pay recruits without having to hide it. You think small to mid tier schools can even hope of getting a top recruit to choose them over a big school that can set them up with high paying endorsement deals. Just make a minor league, half of these athletes can’t read at a elementary level, they have no business being in college.

I hope so, fuck the NCAA

Probably one of the most corrupt organizations in the country