Is the new Alice in Chains actually BETTER than the original line-up?

No but Duval does Layne justice… The first 2 new albums were fucking awesome but the last album was not good to me 2 good songs and that’s it…

Wish cantrell would another solo album cause the 2 he did fucking rock…

Jerry is AIC in my opinion.
Loved Layne but Jerry and William are better then ever.

Nailed it, /thread

Thank you kind sir for bringing good tidings to our attention, for once

i still dig this whole album
u never hear it on the radio

This baseline and riff are FILTHY


That I agree with 100%. I always said that very thing.

A Modest Proposal:

Post Malone would be better than William:

Rooster at 34:53

AIC was my favorite band in the 90s. I’ve heard a little of the newer stuff and it’s good but just not the same. Almost every song from Dirt was great.

I like the new Alice in Chains much better, but I’m not old enough to remember the original lineup in its prime so I have zero nostalgia for them.

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Jerry Cantrell is the soul of AIC’s music but Layne was irreplaceable as a singer. The new guy does an alright job but he’s certainly not better. The harmomies seem on on point though.

I like the new stuff and have seen AIC with William a handful of times…always a great show. Additionally Jerry is still great and I look forward to his solo album which hopefully will be out this year.

All that said…there was a visceral quality to the original line up, the music sounded desperate and authentic. William is not on the verge of self destruction (and good for him) so you will never get the same feel (IMO).

A number of bands from that era are unable to create the same sound because you can’t live for decades that close to the edge. I like NIN’s more recent stuff too but we will never get another Broken/Downward Spiral/The Fragile…if Trent had stayed in that place for 20 years he would have likely died or at very least his adddiction would have stolen his talent.

This is even more true of AIC because William is not just a mellowed out/at peace version of Layne, he is a completely different guy.

Saw them 2 years ago in concert.
They sounded great. I really see no difference in the quality of their sound.

No, just no… Not even close