Is the Ram Man Real?

Shit is pretty scary man, is that kinda thing real? I could see out in the countryside of Switzerland or whatever a Ram Man living off the grid and you dont even know whats up till its too late.

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Wtf? Like pan ?

I dunno does Pan have a Ram Man?

Isn’t he a Master of the Universe? Of course he’s real. Hangs out with Skeletor and Beast Man.


Not the He Man Ram Man, a real Ram Man.

lol. Just googled the He Man character. I was thinking he would be a dude with horns like a ram, but he’s just some bullshit Juggernaut ripoff with a giant helmet.

One and the same.

Yep. Ram Man is a bad dude. Some guy told him to his face he never thought he was “real”. They had to peel that guy off the wall like a pancake. That “real” enough for you.

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The guy that happened to was my brother’s friend. It was terrible.


Why don’t you shut your goddam whore mouth, talking shit on Ram Man!!!

He is a guardian of Eternia!!! You should thank him for his service and then GO FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!!!


Yeah, well He Man told me himself that spot was reserved for me, Smasher Guy. “Ram Man” snuck in, stole my idea, took my spot and the rest is bullshit. So fuck Ram Man. Pretty sure he only got in cause he blew He Man.

Guys Id just like to make it clear I think some of you are confused. This is not Ram-Man from the He-Man Universe. First off thats a cartoon and not real.

Second I think that is just a normal human that rams people with their head. I am not talking about a Ramming Man but an actual Ram Man.

Much more scary because it might be a real thing, and we have very little info on who/what he or it is, and their motivations and what they are capable of.

Did this really happen, or are you sharing something that happened in a cartoon?

RIP, sorry for your loss bro. Can you share any more details?

I have located an entire team of Ram Men from the past. They were indeed real, and boy did they have rhythm.

Shocked He-Man GIF by Masters Of The Universe


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You guys wish that was the real Ram Man.

OP waiting for Ram Man
halloween smile GIF by Robert E Blackmon


I thought the Ram Man was going to be the grovelly voice actor for Dodge trucks. Of course that guy is real. How the fuck else you gonna sell a Dodge?