Is the real reason for wokeness

That the history we were taught is actually false

that the Nazis were not as collectively inhumanely evil as you were taught, six million was a made up figure and the gas chambers never existed. Is it possible that there is a reason it’s illegal to dispute it in Europe?

That there is actually a conspiracy that started with the winners of that war, and Jews remained in control of the world’s media and finances.

Is it a coincidence that only western European countries, along with USA and Canada and any other predominately white nation, under the guise of liberalism, are becoming increasingly outnumbered by migrants from places that are not into assimilating to western culture. Under the fear of being called a racist people are in fact publicly encouraging this.

White people in every white majority country are being told they aren’t diverse enough, that we depend on immigration, and diversity is our strength, meanwhile Europe is being literally raped. I have never heard of a government campaign or program encouraging the native population to have more children, at least where I live. Just that we really need more immigrants. That all of us will be Eurasian Africanoids in the future, while Israel requires a DNA test to prove your Jewish ancestry to obtain citizenship.

Greater Israel will soon exist.

Is it possible that this is to recondition the divided populations of these countries in order to control them and usher in the communist new world order.

The communist New World Order that will be controlled by our Jewish overlords.

Is this what the Bible intended for God’s chosen people?


Lame males trying to hook up with hysterical females.


Or is all of that complete nonsense?

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Do these lame males control the content of every modern day show or movie?

You need a break from the interwebz and its not even noon yet.

Also, did you just advocate for Nazis? What the fuck dude?

You really think they rounded people up as a humanitarian project? Maybe as a good will effort so they are not accidentally injured or killed while they were trying to conquer Europe?

So you say there were no gas chambers and that 6 million is a false number? Okay, do you have a number in mind? 2 people? 2,000 people? 200,000 people? 2,000,000 people? Maybe 500,000? 10 people? What is your number?


Let me guess on Friday nights at Auschwitz the Nazis got drunk with the prisoners and talked them all into getting tattoos for the sake of unity?


Yes, God has predicted all of this. However, it’s not because God is evil. It’s because He knows mankind will deviate and become reprobate. The so-called “jews” are imposters and are members of the synagogue of satan. Their actions will usher in the age of the anti-Christ.

The TRUE jews will be saved along with the true believers in Christ (His Church).


If this isn’t a troll you are just as much of a wack job as Op.


Op has had one too many PBR lol


The history we are taught is almost certainly fake, we are seeing first hand current information going into history books is fake…

But the evidence is incredibly strong for what you’re denying. And still people alive today who went through it.


I strongly disagree with the idea of banning speech or making discussion of certain topics unacceptable.

Regardless of how stupid someone’s opinion might be.

To some degree, the following subjects are taboo unless regurgitating the official narrative:

Climate change.

Sandy Hook.


Vaccines (all vaccines).

The Holocaust.


Fags and trannys.


I would systematically slaughter everyone who thinks like OP.

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Topic reminded me.

For those who are familiar with the Black Israelites (NYers know), these guys have this theory that Hitler said or knew that Black people are the authentic Israelites.

Disclaimer: I haven’t watched either of these vids.


That’s the dumbest shit I’ve read here today. And that is REALLY saying something in this cesspool.

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First, there was one nazi, and then their wolfpack grew


Is it also possible that even having a discussion regarding any of that is so taboo it triggers people to the point of wanting to kill me or hurling insults?


I never said the holocaust didn’t happen, just that maybe the brutality of it was exaggerated to create the ultimate villain of humanity


So you’re sayin the western world isn’t backing Ukrainian Nazi’s right now ?


Have fun watching your pro gay and trans movies and tv shows with your children. Nothing is wrong with that I’m sure. Normal for any society.

It sure encourages our children to have families, procreate, and have level-headed morals.