Is the term "rage quit" commonly known/used?

I'm trying to figure out if this term is a common one or something just my friends and I say. If it's a fairly well known term I would like to use it in a comedy bit that I had an idea for.

I'll use it in a sentence: "My friend Kyle rage quit after he kept getting beat at Call of Duty. Phone Post 3.0

it is well known with gamers. i don't know if it is known outside of that group. but gamers should all know the term

Very common in the gamer community. Phone Post 3.0

Marion Cobretti - Very common in the gamer community. Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Used by gamers and middle school children. No thanks. Phone Post 3.0

Almost all gamers know/use this term Phone Post 3.0

Common online gaming expression.

Most people would get it if used in context.

I was going to comment but I misread it as "rape quit". Carry on.

What does it mean? Phone Post 3.0

nodice2012 - What does it mean? Phone Post 3.0
Losing match, possibly after talking shit in the game lobby, then exiting the game before finished, saving the embarrassment of eating crow once back into the lobby, most likely caused by immaturity and inability to control "rage".

I think that about covers it. Phone Post 3.0

.. and usually fucking everybody over because they were the host. Phone Post 3.0

I dont know why but this entire thread is the bomb .com Phone Post 3.0