Is the U.S now the hot bed 4 MMA?

Dave meltzer was talking about how the states is now the hotbed for mma. While pride does have a bigger audience , the numbers on ppv and live gate are still bigger.

Do you guys think that the states is now the big market for mma?

the UFC as a promotion might be, but when you combine the draw of BOTH Pride and K-1 in Japan and take into account the enormous TV money that is still given out to K-1 and their Hero's promotion, I'd say overall Japan is still a much bigger market for MMA.

While the UFC is doing great in this country, no one cares about the IFL, the WFA was a bust, and Pride shows average less than 50 000 PPV buys. The UFC is very popular, not MMA as a whole.

Kazhakistan, imo. Jews vs Gypsies rivalry makes BTT vs Chutebox look like a knitting cirlcle.