Is the UFC getting thin on fighters?

Its not that that don't have the most talented fighters, but we the same small group of fighters in the main events. I personally thought that Pride did it the right way by bringing a variety of different skill sets against each other in the ring. I also think that the UFC would be better off doing this a little more than what they do now. I think the addition of Brock was great because he was a professional wrestler, but he did have that Collegiate background. I dont think that James Toney is the answer, but it sure helps. They need new blood is probably what im trying to say. Maybe co promote???

 haha.. funny  no other org can put up ppv #'s like the ufc does.. and you suggest co-promotion?

I agree with you. Maybe it was for my own selfish reason. I cant wait for jardine vs hamill. what about the UFC plan to do 100 events a year. wow. maybe jardine vs hamill 2.