Is the UFC ready for an openly gay male fighter?

Is the UFC ready for an openly gay male fighter?


The idea of an openly gay male fighter is an interesting one. With the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Sam, who was recently drafted in the NFL, it has made me start thinking about the possibility of a gay male athlete in the UFC.

Marc Raimondi of FOX Sports recently dove into the issue and reached out to several prominent fighters who spoke their opinion as well:

Marc Raimondi for FOX Sports

Benavidez, one of the best 125-pound MMA fighters on the planet, doesn't think the UFC should be any different.

"It would be cool to see a gay guy just beat the s*** out of somebody," he told FOX Sports. "I think that would be that much cooler. Busting a stereotype."

"It's the same as any sport," UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis said of a male fighter coming out. "I don't see why not. I would not think any less of anyone that did so. It has nothing to do with their capabilities inside the cage."

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, one of the most popular and beloved MMA fighters of all time, said it's irrelevant if a fighter is gay.

"If he's tough, who cares?" Liddell said. "If he's a fighter, he's a fighter. As long as he wins fights, it doesn't matter."

Added bantamweight contender T.J. Dillashaw: "It's the real world. People just need to accept it. ... There probably are [gay fighters in the UFC], they just haven't admitted it [publicly] yet."

Mike Brown agreed. The current UFC fighter, former WEC featherweight champion and coach at American Top Team in Florida said a gay male fighter should not be a problem in 2014. Brown believes the majority of fighters would be "fine with it."

"When you're a fighter, you have plenty to worry about already," Brown said. "You're in the cage with someone trying to take your head off. We don't really sweat the small stuff."

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T H R I F T Y - I say Liz cause I still swear she looks like HBK lol Phone Post 3.0

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Eerrrrrmmm....I believe I asked this exact question 3 days ago.

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Wasn't Nick Ring openly gay? I mean we all knew about it. He kicked some ass in the UFC too. Phone Post 3.0

civ77 -
T H R I F T Y - I say Liz cause I still swear she looks like HBK lol Phone Post 3.0

I think she looks like Uriah Faber.

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Not really. By the time this joke happened he'd already been away for a long time. 

It'ss the reason Murphy skipped the 40th anniversary special.

Makes sense, except he didn't skip that. He friggin came out on stage, wtf are you talking about?



At my high school, they had prom, and what was called "pink prom", for homosexual students. I always thought it was weird that everyone didn't just go to the normal prom, no matter peoples sexual orientation. I was very surprised when I heard that the event was created by the gay student union. Will we see an all gay mma organization someday?

Why do you think they cut Jake Shields?

Chitownjohn23 - Really? If you are racist or a homophobe these days then I assume you have a some sort of mental retardation.
if an openly gay male fighter fights in the UFC, just let it be "normal", not some some cheap heat/gimmick zuffa will shove in everyone's faces. If it is just another unremarkable part of society, why bother covering it?

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Good to see the pro's interviewed collectively gave not a single fuck.

An openly gay male fighter would perhaps break some stereotypes.

In my experience there are less fights in gay bars than straight, but they certainly happen.  Plenty of tough homo's out there, the "Jack on Will & Grace" limp-wristed, fabulous, effeminate stereotype is based on a relatively small percentage of the gay population.

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Is the UFC ready for basic human equality? Yes I would hope so Phone Post 3.0

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"What a right, now both guys a re on queer street"

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GripnRip - Who cares if the UFC is ready, its a stupid question because there are already gay fighters in the UFC and I promise you other fighters and training partners already know. To think that openly gay means having a press conference and telling the world who you fuck is just some weird distortion we have in our fake news world. The only real question in this regard is are there any fighters ready to be 'openly gay'...We all know the guy who has enough unquestioned support from fans who could do it but like I said its his choice and ultimate respect for him. Phone Post 3.0

This.  I have a couple of friends who play pro hockey, and one of them told me that he laughs whenever he sees this stuff on TV, because about 7 teams in the league have guys on their team who are gay and have let their teammates know.  They just don't want the media blow up that has happened with Michael Sam.  He never gave me any names obviously, but he did say one was a top 10 guy in the league.

I bought the Glover hype - 

Already happened. That one guy on TUF who did gay porn before getting into MMA, the one who was on Uriah's team. I forgot his name.

Apparently Dakota isn't openly gay though...He did the gay porn cuz he was hard up for cash in college.  He's apparently married with a kid these days.