Is the UFC really considering bringing Royce back?

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                                Is the UFC really considering bringing Royce back?

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Marcelo Alonso: Can we expect Royce Gracie to fight in Brazil?
Royce Gracie: We are negotiating (laughs).

MA: How old are you?
RG: I am 44 years old. My father fought his last fight at 53, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

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Royce Gracie hasn't fought since a decision victory over Kazushi Sakuraba in 2007, after which he tested positive for steroids.

The idea of Royce fighting at the UFC's return to Brazil seems crazy but is not without precedent:

At UFC 112, Royce's cousin, Renzo Gracie made his UFC debut at the ripe age of 43 having also not fought since 2007.

UFC 110 had scheduled a bout between Elvis Sinosic and Chris Haseman. Sinosic hadn't fought since 2007 while his opponent, Haseman is 40 years old.

Presumably you would match Gracie up with someone with a big name who doesn't really have the firepower that would send Gracie closer to that great dojo in the sky. Hughes is out of the question as no one in their right mind wants to see that again. You couldn't possibly put him against BJ Penn or GSP as murder is illegal and the rest of the welterweight division are too powerful and too uninteresting to make that match.

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Who would you want to see Royce matched up with?

Harold Howard is still in lock up, so revenge for the loss on his record is remarkably unlikely. Jason DeLucia does Aikido now. There are internet reports that Kimo Leopoldo has passed away.

More feasible might be a rubber match with Sakuraba, or even a rubberish match with fellow UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.

Who would you most want to see fight Royce Gracie fight at UFC Brazil II?




 Part of me wants this to happen, and part of me wants it not to happen.

 Put him in there against Trigg or even against Carlos Newton at a catch weight.

Honestly I am up for this. Shoulda kept hazlett around and let them fight it out.

they should do it not to bring him back as a contender or anything. But for nostalgia and respect. It seems crazy to have a ufc in brazil without him. Or any gracies on the card for that matter

no...its like when Royce would tell the media that he's gonna help Brock with bjj when he was gonna fight for k1 usa.its all for publicity.

Royce vs. Ken Shamrock 3. Only choice they have.

disbeliever - Please no

UFC needs an old guy or "Masters" division.

Put him in against another old fogey and see what happens imo. Shamrock would do.

 god no!!!

For those who think it's a good idea, let me ask; whom should he fight?

Put him in there with Shane Carwin.  It would be  a good old-fashioned "little BJJ guy vs. giant wrestler" matchup. 

Flashbacks of Royce/Severn. 

A chance to prove the effectiveness of the Gracie system.

ddinks - royce vs james toney

 I actually like that idea....

Anthony Johnson

Wallid Ismail was an excellent suggestion!

Royce would probably decline that fight though.

Royce vs Dr. Carlos Newton

PoWdA101 - UFC needs an old guy or "Masters" division. 
I really have no interest in watching old guys with no gas tanks fight each other, even for nostalgia's sake.

 I talk to him all the time at my gym. He said he walks around at 184. He stays in shape doing long distance runs. I believe he's 44.   And this is a quote. " I don't really have the bug to fight......but if someone will pay me enough, I'll find the bug" and then he smiled.

 Oh, and he gets 250.00 an hr for privates.

ryanJ - 
ddinks - royce vs james toney

 I actually like that idea....

As do I....


N5Z - 
ryanJ - 
ddinks - royce vs james toney

 I actually like that idea....

As do I....

This^ fits right in with the Gracie Challenge!