is the Wii online?

cause if it is, I can see some seriously fun multiplayer. If it isn't, what are they thinking?


You must be rich, then, MCD Fan - they ain't giving those games out for free, you know

I'd download super mario 3. that game was sweet!

Smash bros online!! Nuff said

I'm guessin 5 bucks

i cant remember where i heard about the pricing (G4tv maybe?) but NES games are 5$, SNES 10$ and 64 games are 15$.

which dampens my enthusiasm for the ability to dl those games because i allready have those systems and could get old games for those prices and play them on the original hardware. much less just dl'ing the roms for them on pc.

its still a kick ass feature, but im not sure how many games ill buy at 5-15$ a pop, when most of those games youll want to play on a nostalgic whim here or there.

Will Madden 07 be online as well?

Nintendo has recently made a deal with 'Opera' and will be available on DS and Wii.

DS will have internet browser capabilties etc so I assume the Wii will also.

Don't forget PC engine and Megadrive games will also be available for download.

Guardian Heroes anyone?