Is there a band called SoulWasp?

I feel like there would be, established 2001 or so with 2 albums, all members being husky fat with facial hair and piercings and wearing nothing but generic sleeveless jerseys.

Google says otherwise, though. Which is it, OG? Phone Post 3.0

Soulfly. Phone Post 3.0

Delinodeshields - Soulfly. Phone Post 3.0
That's why I was thinking of this. Someone posted the word "soulswap" in a thread and I was like "Looks like soulwasp. That must be a band". Worked out their entire fictional backstory in my mind but totally forgot Soulfly was a real thing lol. VU Phone Post 3.0

Hahah wrong insect Phone Post 3.0

Soulwasp would be a bunch of butt rock ass heads. Phone Post 3.0