Is there a BIGGER SCAM than...?

$40-50 case of beer is up there. Fuck the Canadian Gov’t.

Heading that way for dinner…

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We got a food grinder and fed her mostly from our plates. Bought baby food on very rare occasion for quick easy meals/ traveling.

Beer costs that much there? That’s crazy

In fact, when I was 18 a case of beer was $15, when I turned 19 it was over $30.

Probably kept me from drinking myself to death.

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Lucky kid

Hmmm. I don’t actually know how much a case is here. I buy 4 cans for maybe £5 or something. The cans are 500ml tho. So almost a pint.

You just reminded me it’s Friday tomorrow I need to throw out all my beer cans. Thanks.

That sounds like a good deal. That would run you about $12-14 here.

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You’re great parents.

Go ahead and figure out that homeschool curriculum though.
State schools WILL indoctrinate your kids.

Thanks! Yeah, I’m honestly not sure what my tipping point would be in order to home school but I have already looked up the rules/curriculum and the steps needed in order to pull a child out for homeschooling.



there will never be a bigger scam than Covid! at least I hope not

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Oops missed it…

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It used to be you could just send your kids to catholic school, but even they have succumbed. My daughter is turning 16 and thankfully has not been brainwashed… yet.

I’ve always been really open and honest with her and we talk things through. She knows to play the game at school and not speak out against the mob, it’s not worth being a martyr.

One of her friends has become a full blown feminist. My daughter was telling me about her saying she hates all men. My kid tried to tell her you should judge people by who they are but she insisted men were responsible for all of the worlds problems.

Sorry to ramble on, what i’m trying to say is if you’re honest and have those difficult conversations, you can save her.

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Fart curtains


For sure, I know those conversations are coming and I just hope I have the wisdom to help her navigate those issues.

The problem will only get worse I’m sure and I am not one to stay quiet on these issues.

Sounds like you did the right things and your daughter has a good head on her shoulders.

Seen the billboard down in LA a bunch…heard the show was absolute shit.

I dunno. At least one marriage was saved by them