Is There a CAN MMA Radio Show???

Just wondering if anyone knows of a radio show that is in Canada that would cover MMA?? Recieved a message from Bas saying he did an interview yesterday on a show that runs in Canada. Let me know if you guys have an idea???



Kellett, McCarthy and yours truely should do a show... :)

I'm in...

Seriously this could work.

I have a couple contacts that would definately help us out.

And with JHR's good looks how could we fail????

"And with JHR's good looks how could we fail????"

I'm perfect for radio !!!


*Crosses off Shawn's name from Christmas list*

*Returns bottle of "Lance Bass signature series peroxide" to the hair salon*


Bas has been interviewed by the same radio station who interviewed me earlier this year. It's the York University station hosted by Jat. He's an excellent host. He's actually interviewing me this Thursday in regards to what is happening in the Canadian MMA scene. He mentioned he has spoken to Bas on numerous occasions.

As for an MMA radio show, there are a few in the works from what I know. I've been contacted by a few as well as J.T. and Kellet...didn't know about JHR though...that's cool.

Jat does a good show, I was on it last month leading up to the last TKO show. He's a big supporter of MMA in Canada.

I agree with Shawn, a MMA radio show would be a great idea, I'd be more than willing to do one as would Kellett and SDJ. Hell, there is your line up right there. JHR can do all the promo work and the hiring of the hot chicks that have nothing to do with the sport, but are in the studio just for us ;)

Let's get it going.


Joe, despite my stunning good looks and crazy antics I am a disc jockey... :)

There's KILLER money in it.

But if I hear the fucking Macerena one more time...


Mojo 640 has been carrying the LAW for a long time, I was
always hoping they'd get more into the MMA, but since Jeff
Marek left the show I don't think the two remaining hosts (who
are awesome, awesome dudes) have a whole heck of a lot of
interest in following MMA. That's fine, since the pro style is
their first love, but given the success of the LAW, it might be
do-able to get one of their competitor stations to greenlight
an MMA show. Marek suggested awhile ago that I start an
internet show ala MMAWeekly, but I didn't even have the
slightest clue as to how to go about doing that, so I forgot
about it. Getting one going on an actual station here in TO
might just work though. Haha only problem is we'd probably
be relegated to the graveyard shift but oh man we'd turn that
into a party!

In other news, I am still working very hard on my TV show,
and while it won't be an MMA show at all, I really want to find
as many ways as possible to get the sport and its Canadian
athletes involved in some capacity. Even if it means having
Tompkins beat the shit outta me!!:)

"*Returns bottle of "Lance Bass signature series peroxide" to the hair salon*"

LOL That cracking sound I hear resembles the noise made when JHR walks on especially thin ice :)

ttt for a radio show with Shawn, J.T. and Joe. You could interview the man who thinks he is "too big [i.e. important] for MMA." :)

OK is there a way I could get ahold of this show or in touch with the guy who does it so I could here the interview??

Magnus, I notice my name wasn't on that list... :(

"ttt for a radio show with Shawn, J.T. and Joe"


"That cracking sound I hear resembles the noise made when JHR walks on especially thin ice :)"

Call me Kreskin, but I'm going to assume that Tompkin's has a great sense of humour and know's I'm jerkin' his chain... ;)

I'm thinking of putting one together here on the local radio station. Could be good for a laugh. Good luck to you guys.


Your the Shit Man..

It would take alot more than this to tear us apart. Oops I hope Colangelo doesn't here about this.....

Thanks Shawn :)Don't worry about Colangelo...He's a 'little' busy right now making toys for all the good girls and boys...:P


Of course I left you off the list. You need your own show. You can't work with these guys as Joe, for example, is known to snap and start throwing punches :) Not sure what is with that. Seems to have something to do with this Ron Beer guy. Joe can't seem to let that slide :)

"*Returns bottle of "Lance Bass signature series peroxide" to the hair salon*" was as funny as it gets on the Forum. Keep up the good work! Of course, Shawn would think that was funny. I don't know him very well, but the time we hung out - a couple of UCCs back when Bas was there with him - he certainly left me with the impression of being a great guy (very respectful) with a very good sense of humour.

You have to have a great sense of humour in this business........

Hey, you know what? In town we have local cable access TV where any moron who can fufill the regulations they ask for can have his own TV show.

I'm a moron. I can follow rules. Maybe I should have my own MMA TV show!

**running off to find out what I have to do**

Check your mail Shawn.

thanks a lot joe and jt for the nice words, you guys were both awesome guests.

hi shawn, just let me know your email and i'll give you audio clips of the interview very soon.

look forward to talking to you tomorrow joe, see you then:)