Is there a Fernando Gracie?

I was talking to a guy last night at a restaurant and he said that Fernando Gracie lives in this area. He is supposed to be related to the Gracies we all know and love. The guy also said Fernando is interested in Teaching BJJ around here.

P.S. Im in FL.

he meant Fernando Lamas

Who is that? Thanks in advance.

There is a Fernando Gracie, but he spells it with an X.

Fernando Gracie - "You look mahvelous. Absolutely mahvelous."

I live in Ft Myers

I was told he stays here half of the time and Brazil the other half. The guy said he drives to Pompano and teaches often.


Who is mas macho, Fernando Lamos or Ricardo Maltoban?

Cmon, Im serious here.

There are tons of Gracie experts on the forum why can't I get a real answer?

Don't you guys mean Lorenzo Lamas? Or, is there a Fernando Lamas as well?

Lorenzo is the son of Fernando Lamas.

Fernando Valenzuela?

I'd like to take this time to let you all know I hate each and everyone of you.

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Someone help the fish out...this is a serious question and this place *should* be able to provide an answer. So.....



I'm a valued member of this forum now give me answers!

(that works for others around here so I thought I'd try it)

can't help you there fish but on a pleasant side note today is the opener for lake trout[icefishing]here in minnesota.

Sorry I couldnt find a Gracie by that name on the web. There might be one he just might not be recognised in any way on the web! Sorry. It also might have been second hand or miscomunication. There are a few Gracie black belts with the first name of fernando!

does royce gracie still have a forum here? ask this question there or email some of the gracies or something.