Is there a good veterinarian in the house?

most vets do not care.
they cared at first, but after the first few “euthanasias” they lose it and just detach
then it’s about making money.
these people are reckless

if it was auto-immune prednisone would hvae done the trick
if it was his back, prednisone would have done the trick

but they don’t want to prescribe it

because i’ts generic.
they want to prescribe the shit that sells

RIMADYL does work on most dogs… but a significant amount up to 10-15% have SEVERE REACTIONS to it. tons of class action

I always WARN AGAINST rimadyl usage. always. check the net… so many lawsuits

We are dealing with a sick sick society that has been subverted from top to bottom.

People just need to see the reality at this point.

there was another thread about COVID and a poster said his friend’s kid had it

i said it’s probalby not covid, because they are doing hella BS diagnostics

turned out it was a ruptured spleen, but they said it was COVID so they could get paid.

Fucking SHADY the entire US system. it’s FUCKED from top to bottom

it’s literally SATANIC

fuckin CRAZY what’s going on

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Wow. That sounds like an awful way to go. Seems like everything came on really quick. That’s a lot of medications. Idk what all he was on but it sounds quite excessive. Nsaids aren’t the appropriate treatment for it buy get the appropriate tests done and until you wait for test results that is recommended. Prednisone is one of the multiple recommended medications to treat it along with a few others and treatment can take many weeks to a few months. From what I’ve read fluids in the lungs isn’t a symptom of it but immune mediated polyarthritis can also be triggered by other infections that may be going on, so I suspect your dog may have had something brewing before he presented any obvious signs to you (like being in great pain and not wanting to lay down).

Its highly unlikely that your pup would have survived even if you started prednisone right away considering how quickly things progressed. It’s also unlikely that prednisone alone would have been enough.

It’s an awful condition that can be tricky to diagnose. I’m sorry to hear you had to spend that much money and ended up with this result. It sounds like things had already progressed too quickly unfortunately and like I said it’s quite possible he had something else going on that had yet to be detected prior to his visible symptoms.

I think you did a great thing by giving him his own burial plot. Everyone likes to take care of their deceased in varying ways and imo what you did was far better than sending him off to be cremated.

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Yeah my EX’s grandma died of Alzheimer’s a year ago. She was never tested for COVID but someone in the nursing home did test positive. She clearly had died from Alzheimer’s but they wrote it up as COVID. I don’t even understand how they can get away with that

it’s a sick system
the nurses are in on it
the doctors are in on it

it’s literally like an evil spell that has been cast upon the whole society

sometimes I wish i didn’t get this “gift” of seeing things so clearly.

everyday I’m like WTF… this can’t be happening

Thanks man, I’m really happy I didn’t cremate him either. Just feels more natural to go in the soil.

Something about cremation freaks me out, maybe it was Mufasa talking about the circle of life and how when we die we become the grass and the antelope eat the grass.

the thing is SOME VETS want to do the right thing

but they are controlled by the vet guild… or the fraternal association of vets

if they stray from protocol too much they get their license stripped

Vets need more freedom to prescribe diff. types of MEDS

  • they should not be pushing neutering and spaying on the vast majority of their clients.

In no other country is neutering and spaying so universal as USA
in a lot of ways they program human society by proto-engineering with pets

microchip your pet, soon to be humans
get your vaccines and boosters YEARLY for your dog, soon to be for humans and the covid world order.

it’s insane… it’s literally fuggin insane what’s going on

good point.
Hope you get a new friend soon after the grieving period.
i feel sad and I never even met your dog.
once you truly grow to love a single dog, you really do love all dogs to some extent.

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Yeah I’ve never understood getting a dog neutered, unless you’re incapable of keeping him from unfixed female dogs. But in my case my dog didn’t step out the door unless he was harnessed to me. So he never had a chance to impregnate a dog.

I find it hard to just cut off the master hormone producer of a dogs system. So I never got him fixed and I was told he could be more aggressive, but he was the sweetest dog. All the way until the very end (literally his final hour) I was shoving all those pills down his throat and he never snipped at me. Never showed any aggression to any animal or human in all his life. So I don’t get the push to get male dogs fixed.

The other great manipulation is dog food. It’s amazing how when I would feed my dog a clean cut of meat people would freak out and say I’m gonna make him sick. These people think dogs have been eating kibble for thousands of years or something.

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it’s all manipulation
yeah some idiots and even some vets say you shouldn’t even give ur dogs MEAT

always talking about the DREADED pancreatitis

in moderation raw meats are good for the dog, esp. beef.

you can also give your dog human food .

dogs literally evolved to be one of the most successful species by eating leftover noodles, pasta, roasted chicken, sauteed chicken that was left as scraps on the side of the village

but hey in modern times that is BAD FOR THE DOG!

Sorry for your loss, OP.