is there a kneemount in catch

No not really, too much space between you and your opponent. I mean you take what you can get but I think most wrestlers in this style would prefer cross-body ride or a wing lock position

Catch is not a specific style that contains only X, Y, and Z techniques. There are knee rides, triangles, armbars or whatever. It is limitless, so you should not try to pin it down (no pun intended). If you went back in a time machine you would see that various "catchwrestlers" had different styles much like boxers do today, therefore, Catch-as-Catch-Can is not a style with a specific curricullum.

That is why the modern shoot 'style' is so effective, because it takes this same concept from it's origin of Catch as Catch Can.

Alot of jiujitsu guys are getting better, too, because of breaking the mold of style.

Very adaptable, like the US Constitution has amendments and loose interpretable laws.


I respectfully disagree.

Never seen a knee mount in catch, in greco, folkstyle, or freestyle. Too much space given to the opponent.

no knee on stomach. it's not a good pin/hold down imo.

from a judo bjj perspective, the knee on chest is only good with a gi because while you're pushing your knee down, one hand is on the shoulder pulling up, the other on the opposite hip pulling up. those three contact points are what creates the "stick". from this point you just wait for the bottom man to screw up and take advantage of it..

no gi - a side control is much better alternative. chest to chest. no space.

chinashop has caught the correct. Good with the gi if the guy is tired, good position for no gi but not a good pin, if the guy is tired or stunned in MMA it probably the best ground position to strike from, I like it better than mount for striking.