Is there a legit ad-block for Android Chrome & YouTube?

I spend most of the day on the computer and have AdBlock which stops all the ads on Chrome webpages and YouTube. As soon as I jump on my phone, I’m blasted by 1000 ads on YouTube, webpages, etc.

There are a few Android plugins listed in Google Play to block ads, but all look sketchy AF.

Anything you’ve found that blocks ads well on Android?

Brave browser


Thanks, Brave looks promising, anything for blocking ads on the android YouTube app?

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I don’t think so. I just use the website within Brave.

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You can use newpipe as an alternative for youtube

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Also invidious for browsing, no tracking (stop using chrome!) YouTube but cannot comment on videos.

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brave, bromite & kiwi for browsers
they all have pros & cons

try for youtube or alternatives like newpipe and skytube etc. again pros & cons.

but if you really just want youtube and you aren’t a communist you can message me.

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