Is there any bjj on Cuba?

Just curious, is there any training going on in Cuba?

They generally have good athletes. Phone Post

I'm gonna say, no. I'm not sure. BUT! They have great judo. That's what I'm gonna do when I visit.

I saw a school that had a jiu jitsu sign but never had a chance to go train. This was in back in 1997. Phone Post 3.0

Heel Hooker - Not that I've ever found. My brother in law's brother (lives in Havana) took me to some small clubs where they train mma and some Judo clubs, but no BJJ specific place. Be careful if you try Judo in Cuba, they go very hard and the mats suck. I would enjoy the sun and beaches if I were you

"They go very hard and the mats suck" sound like something you would hear coming out of Brazil- and may help explain their dominance in judo!