Is there anything better than Blanton's... its price point?

fucking delicious

I love Blantons.

densefog -


Will check this out.

For striaght Bourbon, no. Willet Rye is different but on that level. 

I just won a barrel strength bottle at auction.  Can't buy it in the U.S. - arrives from Germany next week :)

Eagle Rare

It's damn good 

densefog -


Bookers is around 60 here.

Russell's reserve single barrel all day.

Whaaaat? $45 at Costco?

The one with the racehorse on top of the stopper? I like it!

Just bought some Bookers!!!

I'm a Blanton & no, there is nothing better

Four Roses is a worthy contender 

Handsome Jack -

Four Roses is a worthy contender 

single barrel

I did a taste test just now between Blanton's and Booker's.

drank some water before each shot 

I got to go with the Blanton's.

its a personal call, it's all relative/subjective, but I found the Blanton's to be smoother, a bit more refined.

do I sound like a douche yet?

the other wild card is that I recognize that there will be some variances between bottles in each brand, I may have gotten an overly harsh batch of Booker's, but at $60 a pop, I don't know...

You live in California?

Any single malt + diet Pepsi and lime is great.

What about that Pappy Van Winkles?

please note,I know nothing on the subject just some names. Lol 

We've done a couple blind taste tests with a number of Bourbons.  Each time, Blanton's was clear-cut favorite, WR second, and the rest lumped together (Four Roses single, Gentleman's Jack, Booker's, Baker's, Maker's, Maker's 46, Basil Hayden, Knob Creek, Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, Michter's, Bulliet, Angel's Envy & WR Double-Oaked have all been included at least once.)  I'm liking the Jefferson's Sea-Aged I picked up and am curious where it falls in the next round.  I've tried Pappy's 12 (technically Old Van Winkle, but whatever), 15, 18 & 23, and I'll be flayed for saying this, but I prefer Blanton's.  So, in answer to the OP: no, nothing better IMO