is there anywhere TAIT can train??

since all of the drama that has gone on at tenth planet, tait has decided to remove himself from the team.  i just got off the phone with him, and he was wondering if there were any good teams in the area that would like to have him come train with them.  he is a good fighter and  a big name that will bring much notoriety to your team

please email me at if you are interested


cuo, why aren't you answering my emails?

I told you to drop it about tait, trust me, you don't know exactly what's going on here.

See you in class tonight.

Contact Fedor through his website. I'm sure he would be willing to hire an interpretor for Tait, and provide him with a place to stay and a salary for the honor of training with Tait "Sin City" Fletcher.

this shit is so damn stupid

rephrase the title, put it like this....

WANTED: a team that doesn't mind teammates being seriously roughed up while training?

that is, if the other thread is true.

Why do the 10th planet guys think the UG cares about every internal issue at their gym.

There is human life outside of california believe it or not.

CUO is busy sifting through 500 emails of inquiry, IMO.

He could train at United Studios of Self Defense. He can learn the ultimate techniques from Fred Villari


Tait, I'm looking for friends too. My crew kicked me outta the clubhouse and kept all the porn mags, those pricks. Sucks being the weird one huh? I'll be at Denny's later if you wanna have a "Grand Slam" with me. Wink Wink..........

Sorry to have to ask but whatis the back story?

SOCAL sux!!!!!

Well thats curious Mustang1966---your Moms called and said I can train
her anytime.

Insensitive prick!

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Thanks a bunch! ;)

Its a joke kid--RELAX!!

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