Is there somewhere similar to "Tiger Muay Thai"...

Where you can do the, stay there for 2 weeks onwards with on-site accomodation, but in Holland?




Are there any establishments in the red light district that have extended stay options?



Hope this helps
mejiro gym
Chaukiriki dojo
Voss gym
Golden Glory Phone Post

Cheers loco.

I'll google there site's later and see what happens.

Not sure about accommodation at these place but there probably the best gyms in holland Phone Post

Cheers again loco.

Is Mike's gym still going?

go to RFT - Renovacao Fight Team in RJ - Brazil.

You will have a blast, they have AC regulated rooms at the gym with washing machine, soccer court on the roof, very good strength gym and very good wrestling and luta livre. The muay thai coach is anderson silvas former long time trainer Daniel Woirin, he has also trained minotauro, lyoto machida and vitor belfort.

And Rio is a amazing town, the guys at the gym will show you around and are great people. 

Holland is MUCH closer (45 mins on a plane away) bro.

Andy the man - Holland is MUCH closer (45 mins on a plane away) bro.

I live in Sweden and Holland is just around the corner compared to Rio. I still chose the latter though...

-20 celcius compared to 30 + celcius imo.

Are you from England? Phone Post

I think Golden Glory is a private gym..

We have a fighter named Cyrus Washington who is getting set to go to Holland for an extended training trip. Feel free to contact him on facebook. He also has a blog

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You looked at training in England there is a good gym called team kaobon been there a few times Phone Post

Was thinking of a little break form England at the same time as well mate. Lol