Is there such thing as a cool diaper bag?

All the ones I've seen are girly as fuck. I need some alpha OG advice on what to buy.

Thx Phone Post 3.0

what is this? cosmo?


Columbia makes a back pack. Phone Post

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Yup. We each have our own. My wife buys the ones that look like big purses. I use a "one shoulder" backpack because you can use it without putting it down on the nasty bathroom floor.

Studies have shown that most bags can carry diapers.  Contrary to the expected conclustion of the study, this feature is not limited solely to bags called "diaper bags"

I bought a $100 Oakley backpack. Plenty of room, plenty of pockets. I even put a Gracie Humaita patch on it. Looks great!

This one: Phone Post 3.0

Honestly, get one of these (or a similar no name brand to get cheaper):

My buddy just had twins and I got him this and filled this thing up with diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, clothes, blankets, ear plugs, aspirin and 2 beers as a gift. Its (I think)a little cheaper than an official "baby bag" but it gets the job done. Make sure you get one with a shoulder strap. It looks manly as fuck and its practical. You can fit all your baby shit in there without looking like a woman.

I used a backpack

got a Nike bag and we use it as a diaper bag it's sweet Phone Post 3.0

When my kids were young, I used something like this from JEEP.  Instead of black and grey, mine was black and blue.

Fuck that noise, I walk around with my kid holding one hand and the diaper bag in the other like a fuxking bawse.

When it comes to my kid, shame or embarrassment don't enter the equation.

Had an impromptu dance party with my kid in a store today cause they started dancing for no reason.

Fuck what other people think, if its for my kid I don't give a shit. Phone Post 3.0

I used a light green Winnie the Pooh bag. Phone Post

I have one that is military digital camo.

"Lillian Rose 24DB420 Military Daddy Diaper Bag"

Sorry cant post pics. Phone Post 3.0