Is they're such a thing as Wi-Fi intercoms?

I want to put one in my house near my son’s room so I can talk to him when I’m out even if his phone is off. Ring doorbell comes closest when I can tell but that’s not what I want. I need to talk to my Wi-Fi and I need to be able to access it when I’m out

Any ideas?

Buy Echo Dots. Place them wherever you want an “intercom”.

This is a great topic. Back when I was a kid we had an intercom system in our house that was hard wired. It was great…we could easily talk to each other in any room. I have investigated this and I don’t think there is a good modern equivalent. The closest thing is getting a bunch of Alexas and “dropping in.” But that process is a little slow and cumbersome. Definitely not as quick and easy as the old school version.

Well my son does have an Alexa… Let me see if I can interface that

Why not just call/text your son? Also, your son’s phone probably isn’t off. He’s ignoring you.

I just tell mine to drop in. Works like an intercom.