Is this a good deal? (training)

I have yet to try this place out, but it I've heard it's really good and the pricing is good.

Basically if I sign up for a year at the Thai place I can do the bjj for much cheaper. It would be around 130 per month for both. The guy who teaches kickboxing is a world champ and the guy who teaches bjj is a brown belt under Pedro Sauer.

I can also add on another 25 a month to have access to the gym as well. That's a one stop place.

It says he was a 3 time world champ with over 225 professional fights with not one K.O.

I'm always a bit skeptical, but this guy seems like he knows what he's talking about.

Any other comments?

I've heard nothing but good things about the place, I would really like to train there but I'm in northern Utah and there's nothing here.

amorphous- what city you in?

Sem is awesome, but if you are in utah and really looking to train serious mma, Walt Bayless in SLC has some topnotch guys training there( Horn, Steibling, Ellison Etc...)

TTT for the Thai Institute, TTT for Bayless academy

I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bayless academy doesn't train in summer though.

I want to start now. Bayless sounds awesome, but they don't start now.


Are you serious, I train there 4 days a week and I drive from Provo. Come in Wednesday morning around 11 am and you can see what you think and we also spar around 6 pm on Wednesdays.

Currently the schedule is

11 am- grappling
6pm- sparrinig, 7pm grappling

11am running, grappling
6 pm conditioning, grappling

Same as Mondays

Same as Tuesdays

11am grappling
6 pm conditioning