Is this a good deal?

 I got an opportunity to buy a modded xbox 360 (already banned but I don't care about playing online) elite 120GB hdd, with two wireless controllers, all cables, power supply, wireless headset, HMDI wired, and about 20 games for $175.

OR a modded xbox 360 with 20GB hdd, all cables and connectors with NO controllers, and 5 games for $100.

Any thoughts?  Thanks!


Controller will be at least $30.

Headset is useless since you can't go on live.

Half the games are probably ones you don't want, and blanks are only $1.20 or so.

Biggest factor should be which is newer, thus less likely to RROD since you have no warranty.

Just buy the $200 arcade at Walmart and get the $100 gift card, and mod it.

 Actually starting to re-think it, that I may want to use xbox live after all...  Saw a deal online for a refurb xbox with 1 year MS warranty, it comes with 20 gb hard drive, 2 wireless controllers, hdmi, headset, and three games (dark sector, ultimate alliance, and forza 2) for $199 with free shipping - also can get it through for an extra 4-7 % off.  What do you think?


 No. If it's a refurb it's an older model and is guaranteed to die again. Those games are lame.

If you want to go online then wait for another $100 deal or similar and don't mod it.

 I've had pretty good luck with refurbs - actually excellent experiences so far, never had one die on me.  I've always been under the impression that refurbs or recerts are checked more carefully than new ones so are less likely to crap out.  Although I don't know if it's different because it's Microsoft...  The 1 year warranty is nice though.  Lots to think about...


 The problem is the refurbs are almost certainly going to be the older model, which are essentially guaranteed to die because they have fundamental design problems.

New model is likely to be much more reliable, and in addition you have a 3 year warranty. With the Walmart or Amazon deal, you could have spent the same amount of money ($200) and had a brand new, reliable 360 with 3 year warranty, use the gift card to get another controller, buy a 20gb drive on ebay for $30, and have $40 left over to get a game you actually want.

I'd wait a bit for another good deal and buy new without question.

 Is there any point in spending the money to get a larger hard drive than 20 GB?  I don't plan on playing more than any one or maybe two games at any one time, and I figure when I'm done with one and move on to the next I can just delete it and re-install if I really want to play it again.  I may want to also use the xbox for netflix purposes, but I doubt I'll keep more than one movie on it at a time anyway.  Any other reason for a larger HD?  Thanks!


 Not that I know of. The installs are nice but since you have to have the disc in anyway it's not really any more convenient. It loads a bit faster but realistically loading times are mostly a non-issue regardless.

 OK thanks for all the advice, I'm going to keep my eye open for a good deal on new xbox with the 20gb hd.


My 20gb went fast as I download alot of the arcade games. If you have a family, there are alot of family friendly games offered through x-box live that I find worth it to download. You eat up alot of space with the games though. -ken

I install any game I'm playing simply because the Xbox sounds like a jet engine if it's constantly reading the disc rather than for faster loading time.