Is This a Good Diet for a Boxer???

Morales begins serious training!

For weeks Erik Morales shook out and jogged daily in Tijuana, but now he enters his serious phase of training. Morales is off to the Otomi training facility, located in the mountains north of Mexico City. He will spar and wire in for his upcoming fight against WBC world champion Jesus 'El Matador' Chavez in 'Brave Warriors Collide' scheduled at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, Feb. 28. Morales runs a strict mountaintop camp: no sugar, coffee, tortillas, or sweets for he or any of the sparring partners. Morales has vegetable soups (no beef), rice and a small portion of beans. The only break in camp will be this coming Saturday, when Morales will be at ringside to watch his close friend and champion Jorge Arce take on challenger Joma Gamboa in a WBC Jr. Flyweight title fight in Mexico City.

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I think you need more protien but he's the one that has to make weight.It sounds more like a meal than a diet, but I agree w/no sugar or coffee. Also, I hope its brown rice. White rice has a glycemic index that is way too high. White rice will cause an insulin crash from hell. I agree with no tortillas but he's a strong man to say no. My wife is Mexican American and she makes homemade tortillas and I just find REAL hard to say no.

I think he needs more chicken, turkey, and maybe
beef and liver.

No protein will cause muscle loss, which in the end will help him make weight.

It's kind of crazy what these guys do to there bodies to make weight.

It is, there have even been quite a few anorexic and bulimic champions in the lower weights. Ring ran an article about this 2-3 years ago. It is really sad what those guys do to themselves.

I heard Mayorga eats rice, beans & plantians twice a day in training camp.