Is this a good reason for letting go of someone (firing)?

Who the fuck would let you be in charge if this is really a question? I’d fire both of you. Now…


You sound like a real asshole and one example of why I work for myself, so I don’t have to deal with this type of shit from mid wit middle management.

“Someone reporting to me…”

Fuck you.

How often and for how long is this person going ‘offline’?

How many ‘data requests’ have they missed?

Lol angry much? This is probably why you work for yourself cannot deal with other people without taking offense to petty things. I’m sure your clients can’t deal with you either.

“Direct report” is the most accurate term I can use as I’m not an employee nor am I his manager. I’m also a consultant with 5 people who report directly to me. I’m not their boss in the traditional sense and don’t wave that around to any of them. I am responsible for the team’s performance and their contract renewals though.

On average I’d estimate he misses or delays 15-20% of non-core deliverables. Everything has a logical sounding excuse though. Sometimes I have urgent questions but he’s not there or I have to ring up his cell phone. But I RARELY need these requests. The few times I do, he’s likely away.

Opinions noted, OG. If this persists for any longer I will not renew his contract.

He should be giving advanced notice of any time he’s planning on being away.

If he’s not getting shit done, can his ass.

I would also not renew his contract.

How would I be able to get into this field that pays $100 an hour?

He’s a financial analyst with specialized knowledge of financial systems. Has 15 years of experience. I’m only estimating that he makes $100/hour based on what his consulting company charges and the typical cut they’d take for a 1099 employee. He’s probably making more.

1 Give him a date when the wife is ovulating and force him to be physically present at work.
2 go to his house and fuck his wife
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4 Profit?

Him plowing his wife takes 5 minutes, tops. What’s he doing the rest of the time?

does it make a difference if she spits or swallows?

So you don’t actually do anything.

Do the guy a favor. Fire him. It’ll be the best thing that can happen for him.

Key times are days, not hours, he’s just taking advantage of the system. Somehow people who worked in offices were able to knock up their wives, so I’d fire his ass.

Document all the times he’s gone and the delays he causes. That’s how you get someone fired.

I wonder how many times you’ve been fired in your lifetime with that attitude.

You really mad that people are referred to as “direct reports” in the workplace? You probably get mad when people don’t ask which pronoun they should use on you. Sorry gramps, if you’re ever on my team I’ll be sure to refer to you as sensitive bitch instead.