Is this a joke???

USA Today's Top 10 Tougest Athletes has Shaq at number 9. I read the article that goes with it and basically Shaq is being praised for his toughness b/c he takes a lot of hard fouls. WTF??? This is the same soft tubby bastard who leads with his elbows on half of his drives to the basket, but he is tough for taking hard fouls? LoL How can a guy who can't even play a full NBA season rates up there with the likes of Lance Armstrong, AI, and Brett Favre I have no clue.

Yeah, Tiger Woods and Annika Sorensten were on that list as well - shows you what it's worth. Golfers? Come on.

Shaq shouldn't have been on that list either, though he does take a lot of hard fouls.

Any world class cyclist should be at the top of this list with Lance Armstrong being the top. Then I would give it to MMA/NHB fighters, then the likes of football players, etc.

Tiger Woods is tough as it comes..

And i agree Shaq being 7'2 300 + pounds, should not qualify him being tough.

did anyone see him trying to punch out brad miller a few seasons ago in chicago? he looked like a little girl trying to throw a tennis ball

Boxers, wrestlers and football players should be in the top 50. There body or brains usually become train wrecks after a few years.

"he looked like a little girl trying to throw a tennis ball"

Actually, that punch is the first thing I thought of when I saw Wes Sims throw his mouthpiece after getting DQ'ed. Mostly because they both throw like girls :/